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Amihailu in Dreamland Review

Amihailu in Dreamland is an application created by Delmunsoft. Amihailu in Dreamland was first published on . Amihailu in Dreamland is accessible on Steam, Other.

Welcome to a world of magic!

Amihailu in Dreamland is a magical, dreamy adventure starring Amihailu Dugashoba and her friends! In this game, you'll wander the echoey and endless halls and spooky painting worlds to solve the mystery and escape the fantasy world. Or you would solve the mystery, if anything Amihailu said made a grain of sense!

The game features light adventure and visual novel elements. Players will explore and solve the world's sparse puzzles and untangle the bizarre narrative in the surreal landscape of an alternate dimension.

Amihailu in Dreamland

3.5 / 5

Amihailu in Dreamland Logo
Author: Delmunsoft
Size: 120 MB available space

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