Are You Alone? – bluefxgames

Are You Alone? is an application designed by Howl Softworks. Are You Alone? was first published on . The app is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.

Ask and answer the question- Are You Alone? This is a life, depression, and dating sim about trying to balance unbalanceable things with limited resources. A fully text based life adventure!How will you cope with life and loneliness? Try to win the game by finding happiness or fulfillment before life drags you down too much. Balance your happiness, stress, pride, money and more. Keep your friends and relationships happy, and most importantly be proud of yourself! Good luck!


  • Dynamic daily event system to keep things fresh
  • Highly randomized elements leading to different outcomes each playthrough
  • Real impact from every choice made in the game
  • Different people to meet at random during each game
  • All positive endings are secret, replay and explore to find them
  • Hidden event triggers based on your choices