Chocolatier®: Decadence by Design™ – bluefxgames

Chocolatier®: Decadence by Design™ is an app created by Big Splash Games, LLC. Chocolatier®: Decadence by Design™ was first published on . The app is accessible for Steam.

Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients to customize your own chocolate creations. You’ll use post-World War II economic and technological advances to customize your very own chocolate creations, assist the Baumiesters, and strive to become CEO of your very own chocolate empire!

  • For the first time ever, you have complete control over the ingredients, look, name and description of your customized recipes
  • How you customize your chocolates has an economic impact on your success
  • Travel to ports around the globe to discover ingredients, build your empire, and follow the continuing saga of the Baumeister family
  • Economic sim focused on mouth-watering chocolate
  • Latest installment of the award-winning Chocolatier® franchise