Strike Force Remastered – bluefxgames

Strike Force Remastered is an app created by SF DevTeam. Strike Force Remastered was first published on . The app is currently available for Steam.

As a member of Strike Force, it is your job to defeat a hostile terrorist group. In Strike Force Remastered, you will engage in 15 different missions with your own tactics, in every possible terrain. Develop your own plan to attack the terrorists!


  • 15 Missions in 2 Campaigns
  • 2 different georaphical locations – Desert and Arctic
  • Different Weapons from Pistol, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle and Shotgun


  • Online Multiplayer with Dedicated Server and Player Server
  • Supports up to 16 players
  • Full Bot support
  • 4 different Classes with different weapons
  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch with 5 unique Maps
  • Constant free updates with new Gamemodes, Maps and Weapons.

Remastered Edition

The original campaigns Desert Thunder and Arctic Strom bundled together and remastered with:

  • improved AI
  • new character models and animations
  • improved gunplay
  • rebalanced gameplay
  • increased view distance
  • new Menu and UI