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Tree Bonsai is an application designed by PanGuoJun. Tree Bonsai was first published on . Tree Bonsai is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

Many of us live in a noisy urban environment. Deep in the heart we long for nature and tranquility. This game can give you a relaxing environment and display of the life cycle of a plum tree and her beauty. You decide the shape that your tree takes as the seasons and years go by.Experience the seasons pass by. In late winter your plum tree will begin to blossom and in the spring it will take full force. Leaves will grow in the summer you will get a summer tree bonsai. Everything will turn golden as fall comes and then the leaves will fall from the branches to perform a grand farewell performance. Fruits will then appear on the branches providing you with unique interactions and the possibility of acquiring a devil fruit. As winter approaches you will be treated to another cycle in the life of the plum tree. Year after year, the trunk will gradually grow thicker and the whole tree will become lush. Unlike its beautiful young age, old plum trees grows a majestic sense of beauty. With the increase of age, some branches will wither and eventually the whole plum tree will die and wonderful mushrooms will grow in its body.

Game Features:

1. Every tree is unique, depending on the second you plant it.2. The plum tree will grow automatically. Depending on the season, the plum tree will grow larger or produce flowers, fruits, and leaves.3. There is a variety of different plant appearances and pot types.4. Scissors can trim the branches of the tree to shape it.5. Nutrient solution helps in cultivating branches, making it grow lush in size, branches, or amounts of flowers and leaves.6. Graft the bud on the branch to grow a new branch.7. Fruits appear in autumn that can be picked up. 8. ‘Devil fruit’ has a variety of strange and special effects.

For years I have been trying to generate natural objects using algorithms:
However, the best display medium is still an independent game, I hope to get everyone’s support!

Thank you for reading and watching. Hope you enjoy this game.